Privacy Policy
I am currently pursuing a sole proprietorship specializing in web design, graphic design, network design, troubleshooting, and installation. Feel free to brows my site, and please contact me w/ and questions or job opportunities.

My capabilities include, but not limited to::

Configure and customize all MS Windows clients.
Windows NT/2000 Server installation/maintenance.
Windows NT Performance tuning and monitoring.
Temporary and permanent network planning and installation.
Create and maintain user environments, implementing network security and developing backups Schemes.
Computer design, maintenance, repair, and upgrading.
Network troubleshooting with the Network Associates Sniffer and Sniffer Pro Analyzers.
Microsoft SQL Server installation, system management, and configuration.
Microsoft SMS installation· Microsoft Internet Information Server
Mail server installation and configuration.
DNS server installation and configuration.
Webserver installation and configuration.
Graphical edits using various editing software.
Various website authoring tools.
Website statistical applications.
Website managers and link verifying software.












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 May 02, 2006